Club Promotion Guide & Tips

A short educational guide about some of the basic resources that are useful when wanting to increase your overall brand visibility or to promote special events such as feature shows.

Printed Materials:

Some folks will scream that “print is dead” but they often don’t take into account that although printed advertising is not effective as it used to be in regards to marketing outside of the club, printed materials are still essential for communicating with your patrons inside your club. Items such as; event tickets, signage, menus, table flyers, passes/comp-cards, step-and-repeats and table-tents are still a staple method of effectively getting your message across to those who are already seated in your venue. example: You may have some very nice iPads or HD screens showcasing your specials or upcoming events in the club…but the customer cannot take those home, something as simple as a small bi-fold card showing your specials or upcoming event is useful to keep your brand in their head even after leaving your venue.

Online Marketing

A short list of web services you can utilize at low cost to make sure your online presense is in tip-top shape.

  • The big social media platforms (more details below)
  • Google Business Pages & Google Search optimization
  • Your own branded website
  • EventBrite (online ticketing)
  • Online advertising partners, both local and nationwide

Social Media

Social media marketing and promotion is something you definitely need to already be engaged in by now. Reaching your customer base through social media can result in more bodies in the seats if done properly and consistently. Although the big social platforms like Facebook and Instagram always seem to be working against our industry when it comes to what we can post, this doesn’t mean you should not try to engage in every program or option that these platforms have to offer. Some brief examples are below.

  • Social Profiles in general
    Your club should have a fully updated and complete page/profile with as much information available as possible.
  • Facebook Events
    The Facebook event system is rich with options, it allows for some very comprehensive information to be listed for free.
  • Instagram
    Although Insta is always trying to ban those in the strip club industry, having a healthy and non-nude, non-nipple profile is paramount. (having a backup profile is important too.)
  • Twitter
    Twitter’s promotional system isnt as robust as Facebook’s and is a different animal altogether. Twitter is also less strict on the content you post.
  • SnapChat
    Snap marketing is a little trickier and not completely free when you want to use more advanced options like geo-filters, but the cost to implement is usually surprisingly low.
  • Video Sites
    Although this method is more involved and requires some dedication, using services like YouTube & TikTok are useful to draw attention to your brand. Here are some examples of entertainers using TikTok to attract customers to the club. Example #1, Example #2

In House Advertising

Now that you have those bodies in the seats, you want to keep them engaged on your entertainment first and foremost, but you also need to communicate to them what drink/dance specials are available, promote upcoming events and push your menu items. Effective ways to do this are printed materials, digital signage and of course annoucements by your DJ’s and staff. Below are a few examples of in-house advertising. Reinforcing your message to your customers using multiple methods of media is important.

  • Digital signage (compelling stills or animations) showcasing your current promotions displayed on HDTV screens.
  • Printed signage located in key spots around your club where digital screens may not appear.
  • Printed materials that reside on the tabletop like table-tents, inserts or flyers.

Sounds Confusing and alot of work?

Promoting your brand and your events and keeping them healthy is definitely alot of work, and often requiring skills you don’t possess or just don’t have the time to fully dedicate into an online campagin, luckily, we have a solution. We have partnered with ClubMediaServices, their expert guidance can help make your clubs image the best it can be at an affordable price. ClubMediaServices is an industry veteran with over a decade in experience in all things related to online promotion and printing for the strip-club industry. In fact, ClubMediaServices built our new website and also the websites that power several backbone businesses in our industry. You have likley seen their print work in action at industry tradeshows including the ED EXPO and eXXXotica. They have also recently introduced some new tools on their website to quickly purchase both digital and tangible promotional materials at prices far below the market rates of typical print sites and volume pricing is also available. In short, ClubMediaServices offers nearly everything you need for a successful campaign.

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