Entertainer Promotion Guide & Tips

Having a solid presense on the most popular and new social media networks is paramount to your career.

Many club owners and those in charge of booking entertainers into venues will use social media as an additional tool when researching who to book for their events. They often look for additional images, videos and fan count.

Below are some quick links and a short description of the most popular, most effective and newest social media and online promotional platforms available to you as an entertainer.

In addition to having a solid online presense, having promo materials to sell or use as give-aways during your stage performances and event appearances is also essential. Flyers, Posters, cards and other merch is important to keep your fans interested. You will need a good photographer and a good graphic artist.

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Promotional and Social Platforms


Facebook is still the King of social media, more users are present and active on Facebook than any other platform. Creating a Profile AND a dedicated Fan Page is important.


Twitter is likely the 2nd biggest platform. Everyone uses Twitter to communicate and they dont have as strict of rules about content as Facebook and Instagram do.


Instagram is the worlds most popular social app for sharing photos. Showcase your most stunning non-nudes here.


SnapChat is a great tool to use to stay in touch with your fans, there are also option for SnapChat using 3rd parties that allow you monetize your profile for fans to access it.


TikTok is the newest social app that is growing faster than any other. TikTok lets you share short vids with your fans and offers some easy to use editing methods and filters.


YouTube is the backbone of the videos on the web. Having your promo videos or stage videos on your own channel is a good way to showcase your performances.


OnlyFans allows you to create a FREE account and showcase your private content to your fans and monetize it.


ModelCentro allows you to create private content for your fans and be able to easily charge for access to it. It's FREE to join and a great way to give your fans exclusive content.


If you are an adult film star then PornHub is the best place to showcase your content on your own channel. With over 3 billion visits a month, make ad revenue, sell your videos and build your fan base on the largest adult platform in the world.


Part of the PornHub network, ModelHub allows you to promote and profit from your profile and videos.