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Tiny Texie - A List Features

Tiny Texie

Tiny Texie - The Biggest Little Show on the Road
BJ McNaughty - Professional Naughty Clown

BJ McNaughty

BJ McNaughty is the World's Only Professional Naughty Clown. Are You Down To Clown?
George Kane -Hefner Celebrity Lookalike

George Kane

George Kane is a celebrity impersonator and is a "dead ringer" for Hugh Hefner. He has Hef's mannerism's and image perfected to the degree that everyone he meets, believes he is the real Hugh Hefner.
The Suicide Sirens

Suicide Sirens

The Suicide Sirens are a Full Blown Sexy Erotic Circus-in-a-Bottle
Sassee Cassee Worlds Smallest Stripper

Sassee Cassee

Sassee Cassee is the World's Smallest Stripper and one of the most in demand Little Person entertainers available.
Pint Sized Pepper AKA Viva La Muerta

Pint Sized Pepper

Pint Sized Pepper AKA Viva La Muerta
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